Safe return to Work

Turn-key, medical testing solutions to safely return employees to their workplace.

MedNext, a division of EventNext, offers employers turn-key testing solutions to safely return employees to their workplace.

  • On-site testing instills employee confidence and lifts their morale by maximizing their safety while minimizing workplace disruption
  • Testing program ensures that professionally-trained, medically-certified staff perform tests for accurate and reliable results
  • MedNext is a one-stop provider for testing, workplace sanitization and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for Reopening the Workplace.



MedNext is partnered with one of the nations leading suppliers of PPE. Clients include, The City of New York, major hospital systems, corporations and other municipalities. This purchasing power enables MedNext to offer PPE to buyers at significant discounts and attractive terms.

Upon request, MedNext will provide a quote for your PPE needs.

  • KN95 and N95 masks
  • High-filtration, disposable masks
  • Washable, reusable masks
  • Face shields
  • Gowns
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Thermal scanners
  • and More

MedNext is a proud participant in Green Light America. Created by the Global Experiential Group, Czarnowski, Green Light America is a nationwide partnership between businesses, the government and American workers to safely reopen important industries and get the American economy moving again.

MedNext offers solutions to prevent exposure to COVID-19 through testing process that maximizes employees safety and minimizes workplace disruption.


Engage in a comprehensive testing approach that provides the necessary shelters/structures, professionally-certified medical personnel, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and on-site logistical strategy that follow HIPAA and CDC guidelines


Minimize social contact among employees, suppliers and visitors while waiting for testing to be administered in a safe and uniformed process to separate those with a high fever from group tested with acceptable temperatures. As well as training protocol for “cranial thermal testing” to ensure uniform testing and reliable results


Instill confidence and a sense of security in employees through the professional administration of the tests and minimize employee time waiting in line for testing.

MedNext can provide employers with the necessary, trained and certified staff to facilitate turn-key walk-up or drive-thru testing solutions.
  • CERTIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS – MedNext can provide cost effective, certified medical professionals (Certified Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistants, MedTechs and Phlebotomists) to administer cranial thermal scans (temperature) and other testing that may be necessary as testing evolves to detect COVID-19 such as finger pricks, drawing blood and more
  • NON-MEDICAL PERSONNEL – MedNext will provide non-medical personnel to supervise and/or support the testing efforts of its on-site medical professionals. Positions include, but are not limited to On-Site Supervisors, Traffic Control Leads, Security, Greeters, Information Ambassadors and more


Through its partnership with Global Experiential Group, Czarnowski, MedNext can provide scalable, outdoor, temporary structures that can be configured to maximize employee drive-thru testing needs. Benefits include: Rapidly deployable, scalable and cost effective.

  • Rapidly deployable, scalable and cost effective
  • Exceeds CDC employer guidelines
  • Minimizes social contact among employees waiting to be tested
  • Minimizes wait times



MedNext also offers pop-up testing stations that can be quickly installed and dismantled, offering sheltered options at locations with smaller groups of employees using 10’ Tents/Single Kiosks for outdoor or indoor use.


MedNext can assist with site/social distancing plans, throughput/traffic flow studies, testing process/protocol, hazardous waste removal plans and more.


Signage both outside and inside the workplace contributes to clearly communicated directions and an intuitive experience for employees, suppliers and visitors.

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