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MedNext provides comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation and logistics planning, medical testing, site disinfection services and vaccinations to businesses, healthcare facilities, municipalities, consumer events and more. A major reason clients select MedNext for their COVID-19 testing needs is it’s ability to recruit and rapidly deploy high-performing teams anywhere in the United States. MedNext doesn’t hire just anyone to fill these critical positions, the agency’s experienced recruitment team follows a rigorous interview and screening process to ensure each candidate is the best fit for each position.

Temperature Screening
High- Volume COVID-19 Testing
Rapid Deployment of COVID-19 Testing Shelters
Medically-Certified Professionals
Site Disinfection
Temperature Screening
Employee temperature screenings at corporate headquarters, worksites and consumer events throughout the US.
High-Volume COVID-19 Testing
Daily capacity of up to 2,000 nasal PCR tests per site.
Rapid Deployment of COVID-19 Testing Shelters
MedNext can install scalable shelters complete with power, HVAC, signage and more to meet COVID-19 drive-thru testing demands.
Medically-Certified Professionals
MedNext deploys RNs, CNAs, MAs, EMTs and other medically-certified professionals to administer COVID-19 testing anywhere requested.
Site Disinfection
MedNext teams utilize EPA-N certified disinfectants to sanitize worksites, consumer events and other large facilities.
MedNext helps both governments and businesses administer vaccines and plan their distribution.

Single-Source COVID-19 Provider

COVID-19 Testing

MedNext teams can administer COVID-19 tests and vaccines approved by the FDA, to groups of any size, including businesses, government facilities, consumer events and more. These tests are meant to detect a current or past infection from SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. They include, but are not limited to:

  • (PCR) Nasasal Pharyngeal tests – collection of samples via a nose or throat swab, the CDC considers these tests to be the most accurate tests available to detect COVID-19
  • (PCR) Saliva tests – requires more manual labor to process but the collection of saliva is less invasive
  • Antigen tests – can generate results in minutes, but this speed usually comes with tradeoffs. Collected via nose or throat swabs, antigen tests are significantly less accurate than PCR tests in identifying the SARS-COV-2 virus
  • Antibody tests – aren’t meant to identify current infection of the coronavirus, these tests look to detect SARS-COV-2 specific antibodies to determine if individuals previously had coronavirus
  • Temperature screening – plays an important role in helping businesses and consumer events re-open by identifying those with COVID-19 symptoms (fever/high temperature). Combined with a series of pre-screening health questions, this is the most cost effective way available to identify individuals possibly infected or at high risk to become infected


  • MedNext is contracted to assist HONU Management Group administer COVID-19 PCR testing and vaccinations in the states of Texas and Michigan

  • Medically-certified teams of RNs, LPNs and MAs receive state- mandated training to administer COVID-19 vaccinations before being deployed

  • In addition to their support of multiple state governments throughout the U.S., MedNext is prepared to assist county and local governments as well as businesses with their COVID-19 testing and vaccination demands

COVID-19 Field Teams


MedNext’s testing teams are comprised of both medical professionals and non-medical personnel.

  • CERTIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS – MedNext provides medical professionals that are certified to administer every type of COVID-19 test and vaccine. These certified personnel include but are not limited to Doctors, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, Medical Assistants, Phlebotomists, EMTs and more
  • NON-MEDICAL PERSONNEL – MedNext provides non-medical personnel to supervise and/or support the indoor/outdoor testing efforts of its on-site medical professionals. Positions include, but are not limited to On-Site Managers, Registration Specialists, Couriers, Traffic Control, Security and more

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

MedNext provides all the supplies necessary to facilitate COVID-19 testing in the field. Upon request, MedNext can sell PPE to clients for their employees and customers. Available PPE includes but is not limited to:

  • N95 and KN95 masks
  • High-filtration, 3-ply masks
  • Branded, washable masks
  • Face shields
  • Gowns
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand sanitizer/stations
  • Medical caps
  • Shoe covers
  • Goggles
  • Thermal temperature scanners
  • More

Scalable TESTING Structures / Signage

To facilitate high-volume COVID-19 testing outdoors, MedNext can provide and install, scalable temporary structures that can be configured to maximize testing throughput. MedNext can provide the power generation, HVAC units and other elements necessary to facilitate outdoor testing in the heat and in freezing temperatures. MedNext also provides directional signage that clearly communicates where to enter and exit the testing site as well as other instructions.

Benefits to clients include:

  • Rapidly deployable, scalable and cost effective structures
  • Part of a comprehensive, drive-thru testing solution that meets CDC guidelines
  • Minimizes social contact among employees/consumers waiting to be tested
  • Minimizes wait times for testing

Site Disinfection Services

MedNext’s site disinfection team are GBAC-Certified meaning they’ve received comprehensive training and follow strict guidelines on how to disinfect sites where the SARs-CoV-2 virus may have been present. MedNext can disinfect workplaces, consumer events, trade shows, healthcare facilities, municipal buildings and even private residents.

  • MedNext utilizes high-tech, atomizer sprayers that disperse microscopic disinfectant particles that enable us to disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces, as well as all other high touch-point surfaces.
  • MedNext utilizes a special disinfectant to sanitize these environments. It is one of only two, EPA N List-certified disinfectants that kill the coronavirus on contact and is safe for use on both hard and soft surfaces.

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